Collabo yo

There’s just nothing like a good, productive, collaboration as far as I’m concern. I LIVE for them. This one is a recent fave. Despite the struggles of working with a newsroom (editors, writers and photographers) remotely I think we all pulled this one off in splendid fashion. Not only that but it was a kickoff to series of stories that was well-received and did the community good.


Design follows content

The top of this story grabbed me and shook tears right from out of me. The words were powerful and I let them influence the design. In this case it was all about finding a way to highlight them their power and impact.



The launch of the newly redesigned Wilmington Sunday News Journal. Thanks to the hard work of studio director Tim Frank and creative director Joanne Sosangelis we know have a lovely new canvas and a brand new set of tools with which to do good work.


Short Changed

I’ll tell you what was short changed, my time to work on this cover! No, but really, this was a last-minute quickie that actually turned out nicely thanks to a little collaboration with the newsroom on this headline to work with the stock image.


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